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June 2009  

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It's ORCtober!  
08:37am 01/10/2008
Dr Hand

Mui, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.


Apparently it's been about a month since I last posted, and it seems some people were missing me, terribly so. (Hi Mish!)

September wasn't a good month really. I was supposed to go to Vietnam, but ended up having a trip to hospital instead. I have developed some sort of auto immune deficiency thing, which means no travelling for a while. Three months at least. Particularly not to anywhere dirty and full of viruses and other nasties, such as Vietnam. I was really looking forward to going, and I was hoping to stop over in Singapore on the way home. I'm pretty disappointed about all that.

I spent a bit of time visiting my mum up the coast. Which was lovely. But, because I am so prone to ear/chest/sinus infections at the moment (no immune system will do that) I wasn't allowed to swim in the pool, or at the beach. I spent most of my time watching TV, or doing crosswords in the sun.

I did see a koala walking down the street just near Mum's house though. That was pretty strange. I've only ever seen one koala in the wild before, and I never thought I'd ever see one cruising down the nature strip in  small town suburbia.

Right now I'm back at Dad's. I'm like one of those kids from a broken home - two weeks at Dad's, two weeks at Mum's etc etc.

This weekend Dad and I are flying down to Phillip Island to watch the MotoGP. Which won't be as exciting now that Rossi "le scimmie italiana" so rudely won the world championship last weekend in Japan, instead of crashing out like he should have, allowing Stoner to win it this weekend.

The following weekend is the Bathurst 1000, so I'll probably go and watch that too. Seeing as it's run just up the road a bit.

That'll be a fair bit of motorsport!

Then my two weeks here will be up, and I'll be off to Mum's again.

Hopefully I'll be able to start applying for jobs in the near future.

Oh yeah! I got a new mobile phone yesterday, some little Sony Ericsson thing. Hit me up with a message if you want the no.
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I'm a farmer!  
03:09pm 02/09/2008
Dr Hand

Strainer, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I'm still not feeling 100%, but I'm a lot better.

I got blood tests back and I don't have AIDS. That's nice.

I am pretty crook though. I still spend a fair bit of time on the lounge, asleep.

When awake, I've been spending a lot of my time on the computer, doing some stuff for YJ in Vietnam. I'm heading back there in a few weeks to do some public speaking.

Sometimes I need to go outside for a bit of fresh air. So I decided to be a farmer.

I helped my dad build a fence, and then I travelled all over the world via narrow muddy roads, and bought some rams.

Apparently the stud they came from is ranked in the top 10 in Australia.

That's pretty cool. I wish I could be one of the top 10 studs in Australia.

Mui the cat tried to kill me.

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Who wants to see my awesome Shedroom??  
09:58pm 27/08/2008
Dr Hand

Chibi-chan poi Yamaha Mx 80, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Your tour awaits.

Click --> here <--

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This week  
01:22pm 19/08/2008
Dr Hand

Year Book, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I haven't fully recovered from my mystery Vietnamese illness yet.

But I can hear again! That's good.

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Where to now?  
02:35pm 13/08/2008
Dr Hand

Watching, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I'm in Australia, hanging out at my Dad's place.

My room is cool. I have my own little flat type thing, in the shed, with the racing bike and some other pulled apart motorcycles and vintage cars and things. Haha.

Went to the Dr yesterday, I have a middle ear infection, which is why I have gone deaf in my left ear.

I'm tired and don't feel very well. I have a million things to do, but not the energy to do them.

After Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore, it's also pretty cold here. I saw snow on the ground as we were driving back from the airport.

Today I went to the bank to change all my foreign currencies into Australian money.

But they wouldn't do it.

So I'm a poor man with pockets full of cash.


This computer has turned on a sort of magnifying glass thing. I'm sure it's helpful for old people. I'm finding it rather annoying. Does anyone know how to turn it off??

Speaking of off, I cut the tip off the pointer finger on my right hand today. I was looking for something in my wet bag, and managed to find my very sharp old-school razor instead.

I had to go to the chemist to buy bandaids, and the girl there had to help me put one on, cause I coudn't do it alone.


I'll apply for jobs soon.

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Been around...  
02:01pm 11/08/2008
Dr Hand

I was in Vietnam for a while. That was pretty cool. 

I got sick (again!!) and now I can't hear anything in my left ear. Better go to a Dr (a real one) when I get back to Oz.

I'm in Singapore right now. It's beautiful here. So clean!

My friends here have been so nice. Friday, Eileen met me at the airport, and we hung out for a bit. 

Saturday, I went out for dinner and clubbing with my friend Katie. She is a model and recently won Miss Singapore or something. So she is pretty popular with the guys. She never let me feel neglected in anyway, however. A lovely girl, in every way.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend all day shopping with Eileen. We had a look at some art galleries and things, and I really enjoyed myself.

Tonight I'm headed back to Australia to embark upon my new life.

I've made a promise to come back to Singapore very soon though!
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04:53pm 02/08/2008
Dr Hand

Sakura and the duck, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I escaped Japan!

I nearly didn't make it. I was detained by immigration for a while, and only just caught my plane.

But now I'm in Hong Kong, and after a huge night out, I'm REALLY hungover.


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12:06pm 31/07/2008
Dr Hand

Waiting, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I'm leaving tomorrow, so this will be my last post from Japan.

I'd like it to be a happy post, but unfortunately that is impossible, because once again Japan and Japanese people proved themselves to be shit.

This time is is about my house.

When I moved in three years ago, i paid about $1400. Some of this was rent in advance, some of it was for insurance and I was told about $600 of it was a damage deposit that would be refunded when I leave (providing nothing is damaged).

Well, I'm leaving this place in better condition than I got it, but according to the real estate people, what I was told was a deposit, wasn't actually a deposit, it was just a normal fee, that I will never see again.

On top of this, I have to pay a $300 cleaning fee when I leave.

Fuck you Japan.

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When in Japan.. DO NOT get sick... If you do.. DON'T use the public health system..  
04:38pm 22/07/2008
Dr Hand

The Yellow Line, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I've made it pretty clear over the past three years that Japan isn't particularly advanced in... anything, really. In fact, in most areas of life it is well behind Western norms.

But it's medical industry is severely lacking.

That was a really shitty weekend, in several ways.

I'm going to take it really easy for the next few days, and hope this weekend, my last weekend living in Japan, can give me something better.


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3 weeks  
10:19am 11/07/2008
Dr Hand

Here's me with my tough English teaching crew... Am I the only one smiling?
My work clothes are daggy!

In exactly three weeks from today, I will be leaving this stupid country, FOREVER.

I'm going to Honk Kong, then to Vietnam, then to Singapore, then to Australia. If you are in any of these places, and you want to catch up, let me know!

Then a little while later, I'll be going back to Vietnam.

Yesterday I was meant to go to the crap all girls' school. But I didn't. I didn't even call in sick. I just didn't show up. That's how little I think of them.

I will miss my students. Especially the boy who walks past, points at my crotch and yells "MAGNUM!!" He's funny.


Oooh. The Vice Principal of the stupid girls' school called the Vice Principal of my base school, and DEMANDED that I go there, and stay there ALL DAY for the two days I'm due to go there next week. I've either been coming in late, or leaving early, depending on my class schedule, and as I taught my last class there last Monday, I haven't been spending a lot of time at that school.

So I promptly went and handed in annual leave forms for both days. Hahaha.

Well, I have a fair bit of annual leave, and I have to take it before I go, cause it won't get paid out. So I figure I should take it on the days when I have to go to the school where all the teachers have been replaced with penises.
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How NOT to sell a motorbike.  
09:25am 03/07/2008
Dr Hand

Bimota SB8R, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I've been looking at this bike on the net.

Shame, it was a nice bike.

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05:38pm 16/06/2008
Dr Hand

Bosom Buddies, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

We had a bbq the other week. There seemed to be a great number of gay people there...

Anyhow, it was fun.

We ate wild boar, and kangaroo, and other things.

Here are some photos!

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04:10pm 16/06/2008
Dr Hand

Irezumi, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Here's a photo of me.
Cause I'm nice looking!


I have more posts about BBQ's and Soccer playing to come!

Watch this space.

Tags: tattoo
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Wednesday Poetry.  
05:31pm 11/06/2008
Dr Hand

How does this work??, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

It's actually happening on a Wednesday for once!!

The End.


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Don't worry!  
03:40pm 10/06/2008
Dr Hand

Ducati - Superlight, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I wasn't in Akihabara on Sunday, and i didn't get stabbed.

Instead I was looking at motorbikes in Gunma.
You mightn't be very interested in this, but I am.


Anyhow, there were plenty of other bikes that had been modified, or were just interesting. But these ones stood out. I hope you liked them!


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Hurry up and browse teh pr0ns you stupid singing bear!  
07:22pm 05/06/2008
Dr Hand

Wednesday poetry is back! (On a Thursday) - See the tags for more info.

hmm good point
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03:03pm 02/06/2008
Dr Hand

Koi owarimashita, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

What do you think?

I like it!

Tags: tattoo
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I'm so happy!!!!  
12:39pm 29/05/2008
Dr Hand
Stormy skies

Yesterday I called my shitty uber smart girls' school, to tell them that I wasn't coming in today.


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Wade <3s Boys  
10:19pm 27/05/2008
Dr Hand

Wade , originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

On Saturday night, Wade and I went to this warehouse hip hop/reggae party thing.

It was pretty fun, cause all the people there were either dodgy lil ho's I'd met in my travels, Wade's bad high school students, or yakuza guys. Half of whom I'd also met in my travels.

It was a good night. Wade and I got drunk, and chatted up lots of girls. Until he had one too many tequilas, and I found him passed out, in the rain, sitting atop of a pile of fluorescent light tubes, puking on himself.

I quickly bundled him into a taxi, and he spewed a few more times, before we arrived at Izakaya Dolphin, where I continued to drink, and evidently wrote on his bald head.


On Sunday, it was Yujen's farewell. That was pretty fun. He and I had decided we would do a short musical piece together. So he played violin and I sang Danny Boy.

We practised it through about three times before the performance, which is probably why we sucked. Haha.

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05:25pm 27/05/2008
Dr Hand

Koi, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Meant a few more hours in ye olde tattoo shoppe.

That's about 2 hours work, just on the fish. He's going to do more on my chest, and background and stuff next week.

Interestingly, when he was doing the shading, he didn't dip the needle into the ink. He actually painted it on to the needle with a brush.

Also, he doesn't work the foot pedal thing himself, his assistant, who I think is his daughter, does it.

I think it's because he likes to get up and walk around, finding better angles to put the ink in.

At one stage it seemed the best way was to have his elbow planted firmly on my face. Not comfy.

I'm really happy with it so far. What do you think?

Tags: tattoo
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Amita Buddha... Help me!  
09:13am 23/05/2008
Dr Hand

Amita Buddha, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

It's school trip day at my base school today.



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Rise & Shine  
05:03pm 20/05/2008
Dr Hand

Rise & Shine, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

There was a typhoon last night, so it was still pissing down rain as I was walking to the bus this morning.

I think I arrived at school carrying about 10 litres of water in my socks alone.

Around lunch time the typhoon (or Thai poon as I like to spell it) buggered off, and it became a beautiful, clear, sunny, and very hot day. I was happy for a time.

Now, however, it is cold, grey, overcast, and shit-looking again.

Make up your fucking mind. Arsehole weather.

I'm going to start packing up my house, in anticipation of the big move, today!

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06:03pm 19/05/2008
Dr Hand

Outline, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I got the outline done for my tattoo!

He drew it all on by hand, and wouldn't let me see it until he had actually tattooed it in. It's a bit bigger than I was expecting, but that's a good surprise, not a bad one. If you are going to do it, do it properly, right!?

I need to go back two more times for shading and colour.

He'll also add a few more things to it, he said. Maple leaves or something. So that's Next Sat, then probably the one after.

Saturday night, I had dinner at the local French restaurant wit Sakura. We at duck and snails and frenchy things, and drank the first not-awful bottle of wine I've had since moving to Japan!

Sunday I had lunch with Yukako, which was entertaining, as usual.

That's about it.

Ps. If anyone wants to know if tattoos hurt, the answer is yes. Especially if you have a really old Japanese dude who BRUISES THE CRAP OUT OF YOU, doing it.


Tags: tattoo
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*C* *U* *N*ext *T*wosday.  
05:48pm 16/05/2008
Dr Hand

Two Years On, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

A post in twos today.

My pinky works fine!


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Monkey holding a peach  
11:52pm 13/05/2008
Dr Hand

Monkey holding a peach, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Sarah asked me to design a tattoo for her.

There were rules.

1. Must be a monkey, holding a peach.
2. Must look like Chinese cut-paper art.
3. Monkey must not be cute.

It's been years since I drew anything. I used to draw all the time, but not so much these days. I wasn't sure I could do it any more.

Anyhow, This is what I came up with.

Sarah thinks it's perfect.

What do you think?

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Two Tigers  
11:38pm 13/05/2008
Dr Hand

Two Tigers, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Soooo.. A while back, I promised a few pics of my awesome new shoes.

Well.. Here they are!

And here's another with my one of my old Onistuka Tigers.

Old Tiger - New Tiger

Yay yay!

Nothing much has been happening. It was Rob's birthday on the weekend. A small group of us went to the Hard Rock cafe in Roppongi, then on to the Cavern Club, which is just around the corner.

The Cavern Club is pretty famous in Japan, because the have a Beatles tribute band playing every night. Beatles Bands from all over the world play there.

They played the birthday song for Rob, and we all got a free glass of awful pink champagne.

The end.

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Pancakes with Bacon  
10:14pm 08/05/2008
Dr Hand

Pancakes with Bacon, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Sooo.. I haven't been posting a lot lately.


For various reasons, I've been spending a lot of time at home. So I should have more time to post, right?


Because, for various other reasons, I haven't been spending much of it alone.

So what have I been doing instead??


Here are some pancakes with bacon, that I made for breakfast one day.

And below is my own recipe: Spicy Paprika Pork Belly (with iced oolong tea) YUUUM.

Spicy Paprika Pork Belly


Other than that, I've been going to soccer practice every second day. My ankle still hurts, but I'm tough. I think you should know that.

I just went to the vending machine across the road and bought two cans of Mountain Dew. I put them in my pockets, and because my shorts are very loose (I may have lost weight) they fell down.

A Japanese guy saw my white bum.

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It's time to re-decorate  
07:41pm 07/05/2008
Dr Hand

It's time to re-decorate, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I met Kazuo Iwase-san yesterday.

He is 70-something years old, covered in traditional Japanese tattoos, missing part of his pinky, and has been tattooing for over 40 years. HE didn't say it outright, but it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out a good number of his clients are bad guys.

He looked at the awful little scorpion tattoo I have on my chest (Shown here, along with his business card, cause I think it looks cool), and agreed that it should go.

I told him I want a Japanese Koi, in traditional style. So he came up with a few ideas, and they were EXACTLY what I want.

He's going to cover my dodgy tatt with a rock. Water will be splashing down over it, and the koi will be jumping out of that, up on to my right shoulder. It will be surrounded by Japanese maple leaves (which he said will make it really special). The whole tattoo, will cover the top right part of my chest, and flow over onto my right arm.

I don't really know what it'll look like, because he is going to hand draw my unique design, straight onto my body on the first day (Next Sat). Then ink the outline. I'll have to go back a few times for colour. He reckons that each colour should be applied at different times, for better results.

He is very proud of his work, and told me that he thinks Japanese tattoos are the best in the world. He wants me to have something that will prove that to others as I travel from country to country. His last words before I left were "Shinpai nai" Don't worry (you won't be disappointed).

I'm pretty excited.

Tags: tattoo
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05:48pm 29/04/2008
Dr Hand

Weather Report, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

So. Rob the retard has managed to delete everything on his computer.

It wants us to put in the original set-up disk in, and press R.

But, we don't have the original set-up disk.

What I do have is a Windows XP disk, but it won't boot up from that.

Can I make a boot disk with my PC, start-up off that, then run the XP disk??

Help me Obi-wan.. you are my only hope.

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03:24pm 28/04/2008
Dr Hand

Dainty, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I went to soccer training for the first time since forever, yesterday.

And sprained my ankle.

It's all bruised and swollen today. That sucks.

Golden Week starts tomorrow. Which means tomorrow (Tuesday) is a public holiday. I took today off, because that means I have a four day weekend. I also have a four day weekend next week.

Yay Golden Week!

I have to go now. Shoko is coming over to watch porn DVDs with me soon.

Ciao ciao

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