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June 2009  

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01:16pm 03/06/2009
Dr Hand

Assignment - Grade sheet, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I have decided to blog!

I haven't had a lot of time lately because I've been a very busy fellow, with my normal work, university study, and all.

I've been doing quite well with the academia, as you can see above.

Yes, I got 100% in an assignment. That's pretty good at a post-graduate level. Technically it should be an impossible task. But with a little luck and some help, I did it!

Now I'm on uni break which is nice. I have a bit of free time.

Last weekend. I went to the Gold Coast to watch the 2009 Oceania Sumo Championships.

Yes, that fat girl who was on the news was there.

The whole show itself was pretty poor when compared with the Sumo in Japan. The majority of the competitors had virtually no idea what they were doing as far as the ritualised movements went, and their obvious lack of Japanese language ability made them look rather stupid, seeing as the refs insisted on giving directions in it.

The wrestling itself was quite good though, and it was great to see such a fantastic sport in Australia. I really hope they get more coverage here, and it grows from being a very amateur thing into a professional sport.

After the sumo, I was convinced by the bunch of girls I was with to drive them to Mount Tambourine.

Being one of those awful hippy-infested little towns that pop up about the place and subsist on selling crap clothes, "healing" gems, plasticine tasting fudge, and other "arty" bull shit, Mount Tambourine has very little going for it...

except for the brewery!! Which is awesome!! The part where I had to drive home, however, not so awesome.

Pics here.

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Pink Tourmaline & Diamond  
07:42pm 12/05/2009
Dr Hand

Pink Tourmaline & Diamond, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Hello LJ.

So sorry I have been away for so long.
I've been super busy with work and uni.
Both are going great and I love them, but there hasn't been a lot of time for anything else. Not even trivia!

I'm nearly finished my first semester at uni. I'll be back here a bit more regularly after that. I'd love to show you what I've made for my major assignment, but you'll have to wait until it's completed.

In the mean-time, please be content with checking out this ring I designed.

What do you think?

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I just thought of something really nasty.  
01:32pm 13/04/2009
Dr Hand

Jim Beam Truck!, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Sneak into your worst enemy's house,

And piss in their steam mop. BIGSMILE</a>

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Fight me!  
06:54am 07/04/2009
Dr Hand

Wolf like Nat, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.



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05:58am 01/04/2009
Dr Hand

Glenelg Tram, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I have a crazy boss, who is quite a few years younger than me, and who I will call CrazyBoss.

The other day CrazyBoss was trying to plug the ipod into the work sound system thing, and she was having trouble.

Finally she connected it and said, "Got it in.. Just needed to spit on it." Then she gave me a really dirty look.

I said "... redtube?"

And she yelled. "I FUCKING LOVE THAT SITE!"

A few weeks ago we went out, and she got us kicked out of a bar at 2am for table dancing.


I totally think my friend, Eric, should marry my other friend, Jenny.. Then they can give their kids Jen Eric names..

I'm gonna be an awesome dad.
Tags: work
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Another Trivia Disaster!!  
03:25pm 16/03/2009
Dr Hand

Beering, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Last Wed, my mate Dave came to visit. We went to school together, but fell out of contact straight after, so haven't seen each other at all for about 15 years!

Then disaster struck...Collapse )


Tags: trivia
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08:33am 13/03/2009
Dr Hand

Wee Girls, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Last night I received a very strange email from a girl I used to teach in Japan.
Read more...Collapse )


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I hate these things  
09:06pm 09/03/2009
Dr Hand

"Directions: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given."
I was tagged by


Djing was my first ever paid job. I started just after my 18th birthday in Joes Garage in Bathurst. Good times. That's nearly 14 years ago! I'm technically a good DJ, and I've played in some pretty interesting places, but was never a very successful, mainly cause I don't have the drive or commitment to be.

music hatin'
If you like it, I probably hate it.

The worlds greatest country.

Something I got into as a kid when my dad gave me his old asahi pentax spotmatic. I have about 7 cameras now, but that one is still my facourite. Check out my pics here.

Friday nights, MSN, whisky'n Diets, and "I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT"
I don't seem to go out on Friday nights much any more. Neither does averagesmartguy, so I guess that makes us pretty lame. I usually end up chatting to him, while he drinks and listens to shit music (which makes him more lame than me).


Tags: meme
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y so serius  
10:39pm 08/03/2009
Dr Hand

y so serius, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I don't know why, but I'm suddenly thinking about web browsers.

I use firefox, but I'm not sure why.

I suspect there are better browsers out there..

Opera? Chrome?

What should I be using?

Ps. Do you like my pic? It's a photo I took of my aunt's cat about 18 years ago... I LOLcatted it the other day.

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A week in motion  
10:42am 06/03/2009
Dr Hand

FED, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Last weekend my dad came to visit us.
That was pretty cool!

Saturday we fixed my sister's hunk-o-junk car, and then went to the Nostalgia Drags at Willowbank raceway.

(No, we didn't race my sister's car there)

It was pretty cool to see all these nice classic cars TEARING UP THE QUARTER MILE!

Fastest car of the night (and my favourite) was this one. It did the quarter mile at a terminal velocity of 207.10 MILES per hour. That's over 300Kmph! In an early 60's Monaro!!

A few more pics. Drag racing is a difficult thing to photograph. The cars are moving pretty quickly, and it's dark, cause the races are run at night!

Tough Ute

Holden Vs Fiat

Sunday we went to visit my uncle and had too much to drink. Monday was a struggle.

I had a boxing session at the gym at 6.30am this morning. Pretty crazy, cause today is my day off! Nearly killed me, but it was good fun.

Tonight I have a function to attend at the Japanese Consul General's house. He'd better give me some good booze. That's what I reckon.

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09:06pm 04/03/2009
Dr Hand

Ibaraki Fake Holga, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I told my personal trainer that I thought I the weights I was doing weren't heavy enough...

She asked "Are you sure you aren't a brick layer? You seem far too strong for someone who designs jewellery!"

And tripled the weight.


Legs, abs.. so much pain!

Tags: gym
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My dad is awesome  
10:13pm 26/02/2009
Dr Hand
He tried to kill a cane toad by farting on it.
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Good things  
04:20pm 26/02/2009
Dr Hand

Disturbing, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Aside from last night's trivia disaster, a few good things are going on this week.

1) I was accepted into uni, to do my first preference: Masters of Creative Advertising.
2) I have my first session with my new personal trainer tonight. I've NEVER been to a gym before. Exciting.
3) Dad is coming for the weekend, and should be here in about half an hour!


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Disaster Struck  
11:07am 26/02/2009
Dr Hand

Maserati, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

We have had a few good weeks at trivia. Currently we have $410 worth of bar tab in our hands, Yay!

But last night... Trivia Distaster!

We didn't win... We didn't even get in the top four.

This is the first time EVER we haven't made a place. It sucked.

Work is going well. I'll tell you about it one day.

Anyone want some diamonds?

Tags: trivia
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05:49pm 22/02/2009
Dr Hand

Anna, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.


I'd like to share some things from facebook. Cause I think they are funny.

Cut for your viewing convenience.Collapse )
And lastly, some pics from a party I went to, which one friend described as Halloween on Acid.

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Life is good.  
10:22pm 01/02/2009
Dr Hand

Sayaka and Sayako, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I've been so busy!!!!

A few things have happened since my last post.

Two more wins at trivia! Both of them coming from behind to win in the last round. That's $260 in bar money we have now. Yessss.

My new job is going well. I'm working 40+ hour weeks, so I've been pretty stuffed. But it's money. I really like the people I'm working with. I laugh at work A LOT, You know I don't like using real names in my posts, so stay tuned for funny stories involving my new work colleagues Crazyboss and the others, whose names I'll make up later. ;)

Tags: trivia, work
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Four years and four days  
10:20am 19/01/2009
Dr Hand

Me & My Asahi, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I just realised that it's been four years and four days since I started this blog. SHOCKED

Wow. Dedication.

Here is my first post, from oh so long ago.

A poem I wrote when I was in university, and poetry was one of my electives. Haha.

What's been happening this week? Well my super trivia team didn't win! We came third. But that's not good enough, DAMMIT!

As punishment, I'll post this. It's a photo of us looking constipated, while trying to look contemplative.

Ummm. Speaking of university! Today,  I'm applying to go back.
Masters in Project Management, Masters in Creative Advertising, or Masters in Education (TEFL). I can't decide which, what do you think? 

Maybe I'll just apply to all three and see which ones I get into. (if any!)

I stubbed my pinky toe really hard last night. It's all swollen and black. I think I might have broken it.

Not much else going on.

Oh yeah, I got a job.

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Chocolate Rain Umbrella.  
02:40pm 09/01/2009
Dr Hand

Big Boys , originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I made a dodgy mash-up!

Check it out!

It's pretty awful. BIGSMILE

I did my big walk again today. Managed to do it in one hour, 25 minutes. A full five minutes faster than yesterday. I reckon I can go faster again, though.

Might take a while. When I got home today, my calf muscles as well as the ones on my shins were... Ticking? Pinging? Hard to explain.

Anyhow, does anyone know how to avoid chaffing of the inner thighs? I think that is slowing me down a bit, cause it HURTS.

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No Walkies  
09:13pm 08/01/2009
Dr Hand

Storm and Spaghetti, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

I didn't get to go for my big long walk today, cause it was raining, and also because.. I was a little bit hungover. Hehehe!

I was drinking at Oxford 152 last night, because Wednesday night is trivia night, and if you win, you get a $50 voucher.

My team now has $200 worth of vouchers.

We've only been four times. Hehehe!

We have some cleaners who come to clean the house every other week. They arrive at one, and are supposed to clean for three hours, and leave at four.

Today I came home at three, and they had pissed off.

Sneaky sneaky.

That's the second time they've skipped out early. I think they will get the boot tomorrow.

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Gooooo Walking! *thumbs up*  
04:32pm 07/01/2009
Dr Hand

Sayaka thumbs up, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Every morning I take the train to a place called "Stones Corner". I do this because that's where the nearest Employment Plus is, and I go there everyday and look for work. Which is cool. I like it.

Everyday as I'm walking back to the train station I see this sign that says "Norman Creek Greenway" And I wonder to myself, "where does that go?"

Today I decided to find out.


A little over seven kilometres and one and a half hours later, I was at home.

I'm really happy, because a few months ago, after being laid up with illness, I was close to 100Kg, and couldn't walk a few hundred metres without nearly dying. So to be able to make several thousand, without even feeling tired, is for me, quite an achievement.

I'm now down to 89Kg, and although I've been at that weight for nearly a month, and managed not to gain any weight over the holiday season, I need to lose some more.

So, I'm going to do the walk again tomorrow, but I'm going to try and get home under the one and a half hour mark.

In a week or so, I'll start adding weight, by means of a few litres of water in a backpack.

Watch me go! *Shooom!*


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I need your help!  
12:25pm 06/01/2009
Dr Hand

I'm applying for a photography job, and I need to whack together a portfolio of about five photos.

The job would be mainly school photos, with a little bit of photoshop involved.

So I'm looking mainly at my portraits, a few of which should be photoshopped, just to prove I can use the software.

I've narrowed it down to about 11 photos. But would like your input in narrowing it down further.

Please take a look here and choose your favourite five.



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04:02pm 02/01/2009
Dr Hand

Christmas Eve, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

New Year's Eve was pretty fun. Junko, Olivia, and I went to Jodi's house, and there we stayed, played guitar hero (my first time, I truly suck at it), and drank 50 litres of cider that Jodi's dad had made at one of those brew your own places.

At midnight, no-body kissed me.

I got home at 5, and woke up at 8 with the sweats and a killer hangover.

That is all for today.

Until next time, put a donk on it!

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Christmas Puddin  
09:42am 30/12/2008
Dr Hand

Christmas Puddin, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Everyone else is doing Christmas posts, so I figured i should as well.

Umm.. What did I get??

Not a lot! Haha. $100 from Mum, some kitchen stuff from various "cousins" (ie aunts and uncles) , and that's it.

As for activities, it was pretty low key. Christmas eve, I went on a picnic with my mate, Junko. Then we both went, with my sister, to Lee and Simon's place for a few drinks.

Christmas day, my sister and I went to my Aunt's house, where I drank too much red wine, made an arse out of myself and fortunately made it home before I spewed EVERYWHERE.

There are photos of events, here.

(No photos of the EVERYWHERE spew, though. Don't worry)

I'm looking forward to NYE.

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New Home!  
12:17pm 09/12/2008
Dr Hand

My Bedroom, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Hello. I thought you'd like to see some photos of my new home.

Here they are!!

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Movember 2008 - Gala Parte  
11:41am 05/12/2008
Dr Hand

Movember 2008 - Style Refined, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Well, the Movember Gala Parte in Brisbane was pretty good fun.

Here is the mo in it's final incarnation. Skeezy!

On the night of the parte, Junko and I got ready at my place (put hats on) and then headed out.

Movember gave us a free sausage sandwich and a free beer each, which was great. If it wasn't for the free sasuage Junko would have been hammered after her first beer, instead it took two beers for her to get blotto.

We didn't take many photos. But the few we did can be seen here.

Tags: movember
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11:55am 04/12/2008
Dr Hand

BIG LUX, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Dear LJ.
Sorry for neglecting you.
A great deal has happened since our last talk.
I was sick again. But on the mend.. Again.
I went for a drive.
I drove BIG LUX up there from Bathurst to Port Macquarie to Brisbane to Port Macquarie to Brisbane to Port Macquarie to Bathurst to Port Macquarie to Brisbane.

That's about 64 hours total in driving, and lots and lots of Kilometres.


I'm now have a permanent place to live in Brisbane, and am madly applying to jobs. I hope I can get something before Christmas, but realistically, it'll be sometime in the New Year. Now is not a good time to be seeking employment.

I'm sure you are dying to know how Movember finished up.

I managed to raise $300 and got two free tickets to the gala parte in Brisbane, which I attended with my new friend, Junko.

I have photos of that, so I'll put them up sometime soon.

I don't have internet at home yet, so I'm coming in to the library every day to use the computers here.

Yay community!

Let's catch up soon.


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Moustache: Serious Business.  
02:13pm 09/11/2008
Dr Hand

Movember 2008 - The style, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Here is the style!

I'm going for a Latino, Johnny Depp/Freddy Mercury love-child look.

I think I'm pulling it off quite well.

It's not as out there as previous years, but as I have job interviews coming up, I think it is appropriate.

Big thanks to Sakura, Jess, and Seiwon who have all donated already!!

In 2006 I raised $150, and in 2007 I raised $200. So l hope I can keep on that trend and this year raise $250, at least.

If you would like to sponsor my mo, please click here and follow the instructions.

I love you!

(Oh yeah, I have lost weight. Thanks for noticing)


Tags: movember
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Movember 2008 - 1 week in - No style chosen yet.  
11:36am 06/11/2008
Dr Hand

Movember is BACK!


Click this and read it.. YOU MUST!Collapse )

Movember 2007:
Movember 5

Movember 2006:


Tags: movember
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Ye olde birthday tymes  
10:20pm 03/11/2008
Dr Hand
Ye olde birthday tymes

I went to Brisbane and had my 31st birthday.
A nice quiet dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a few friends.
Befitting a man of my age and decrepitude.

I didn't take many photos, but here are the few that did get taken.

Nothing else happened really.

I went the the pub with my mum's boyfriend tonight. We put money on the Melbourne cup for tomorrow and played on the poker machines.

I never really play on the poker machines, cause I figure I'd rather spend my money on something good.

But tonight I put $10 in and got three features, the machine gave me $40 back. I like that machine.

Ummmm. I think I'm getting better. I'll get a job soon!
Tags: party
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01:04pm 23/10/2008
Dr Hand

Aussie Winner!, originally uploaded by Dr Hand.

Just in case you were wondering, I AM alive.

I've been getting better, and am almost good.

Because I've been feeling better, I've actually been able to do stuff! Most days I walk, or do a bit of swimming. I'm eating better, and I'm starting to lose the weight I've gained over the last few months (I was this ---||--- close to 100kg!)

My birthday is coming up, on.. Monday, I think. I won't be having another balls out fancy dress party in the middle of Tokyo like I did last year, mainly cause I'll be turning 31, not 30. And.. I don't feel like it.

As an early birthday present, Dad and I went to the Australian MotoGP round at Phillip Island a few weeks ago. We, along with Diego, George, and Jonno, flew down in a little Cessna called The Rat. It took us about three hours, which was awesome, cause driving would have taken us about nine!

We camped the Saturday night with a heap of wild people, then watched the races on Sunday.

All the races were great. Especially the MotoGP race. It was great to see Casey Stoner win it at his home track. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough for him to keep hold of his World Championship, which was won by an Italian monkey. Fair enough though. That Italian monkey is the best motorcycle rider in the world!

Here is a video of the first lap of the MotoGP race. I took it with my new mobile phone! (If you want the number, let me know. I'll think about giving it to you).

After the last race we hot-footed it over to the helipad, where we took a chopper to the airport, and the waiting Rat, which was soon airborne and carrying us back to Bathurst.

The weather as we were coming into Bathurst was shit, and too dangerous for us to land, so we had to turn around and land in Cowra instead. This wasn't much of an issue, as The Rat lives in Cowra and Jonno had driven his car there to pick it up. What was an issue was that all five of us had to drive an hour back to Bathurst in Jonno's car. By car I mean tiny little Peugeot, two door, hatch back, thing. I was the smallest guy of the lot, so as you can imagine it was a tight fit.

Actually, it sucked.

I kept falling asleep, and bashing my head against the rear window every time went over a big bump. Haha..

Oh well, it was a minor thing and couldn't take the shine off what really was a stellar weekend.

Photos here.

Tags: dad, motogp
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